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Texas is known for its stifling heat for most parts of the year. But, during winter, the temperature begins to dip and often makes the nights bitterly cold. Therefore, it is a no brainer that most homeowners are forever on the lookout for reliable HVAC unit that can keep the family comfortable all year round and help save on energy bills and thereby money! It is where geothermal installation comes into the picture. At Century Air Solutions, we provide top-quality geothermal services, repair, and maintenance at highly competitive rates.

Geothermal Heating and Cooling

Geothermal units use state of the art technology to harness energy from the core of the earth and are thus a natural means of keeping your home warm through the winter and cool during summer. This technology is highly efficient and great for our environment as it does not leave behind carbon footprints.

How do these units operate?

When correctly installed, a geothermal unit functions much like a heat pump system. However, since it does not run on gas, it cuts back on traditional fuel use. These systems work on a heat transfer principle using a refrigerant. During installation, an underground loop gets buried beneath your property. Heat absorbed from the earth gets transferred by the heat exchanger to the refrigerant. This heat provides warmth to your home. During summer, the process gets reversed. The heat gets transferred from your home to the earth through the same heat pump and refrigerant. This unit’s setup is not simple, so you must hire the experts to get the job done.

Trust Central Air Solutions for Your Geothermal Installation

Any type of HVAC installation is complex, and it is best to leave this to the pros. Especially when it comes to geothermal installation, you could go wrong if you try installing a geothermal unit on your own. The installation also entails drilling and excavation, which can be done best by a qualified technician. The geothermal installation also calls for several assessments that you may overlook to embark on the project yourself. We highly recommend that you contact a geothermal repair service provider near you. 

We at Central Air Solutions have highly trained technicians who will carefully assess the property that surrounds your home before they begin drilling to ensure your safety as well as protect the integrity of your homely abode. We also make sure that we follow all the local rules and regulations during the installation. Our team at Central Air Solutions has the technical know-how of geothermal installation and has sophisticated tools to get the job done. When you hire us, we assure you that the whole process will be seamless, professional, and accurate from start to finish. What’s more? We also give you a 100% guarantee on our work and offer maintenance and repair work if your system fails.

To determine if the geothermal installation is right for your home, call us today at (281) 516-9974. Our technicians will visit your home and provide you with all the details you need to make an informed decision.

Geothermal loop sizes and underground pipe arrangements— which can be horizontal, vertical or in a pond—are important elements contractors must consider, but application-specific equipment sizing also is vital to the installation process.

Pond Loop

Vertical Loop

Open Loop

Horizontal Loop

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